Spotzi Provides IBO Speedway OOH Info MetricOOH Mapping UI

2024-03-26.  Toronto Canada

Spotzi, the Canadian mapping and consumer data company and OOH Info LLC, the traffic metrics aggregator launched to assist media owners on the supply side, announced today an integrated mapping solution for IBO USA members via the IBO Speedway

“We have been searching for a zesty and simple user interface (UI) that meets the demands of our media owners to give them a pleasant and easy user experience (UX) while we wait for the Cuende MetricOOH traffic analytics based on satellite data to be released in USA this summer,” said Chris Cowlbeck, CVO IBO USA and OOH Info GM.  “Remco was able to take the complex data files and bring them to life for me within a few minutes while we were live on an exploration call after meeting him at a WOO congress a year or so ago.  I’m excited that Spotzi can also bring other important elements together in a scalable and affordable manner.”

“Spotzi’s platform sets a new standard in customization, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate first-party data, such as MetricOOH,” said Remco Dolman, CEO. “This feature not only enhances the depth of consumer insights but also positions Spotzi’s solution as an indispensable tool for driving strategic decision-making beyond conventional boundaries.”

“I’m looking forward to Spotzi’s contributions as part of the IBO USA family of trusted providers, and look forward to their participation at the Louisville IBO USA conference Consumer Analytics panel.” continued Cowlbeck.  

About Spotzi

Spotzi is a leading GeoMarketing company dedicated to providing tailored solutions for the Out-Of-Home industry. By harnessing advanced foot traffic data analytics, Spotzi offers unparalleled consumer insights at both screen and billboard levels, complemented by robust attribution capabilities.