Orange + CUENDE Revolutionize Data for OOH Campaign Optimization

2024-05-30.  Madrid Spain

This news story involves Cuende Infometrics who is a traffic metrics provider and working with OOHinfo to bring simple scoring and a penetration index to help buyers understand our great locations.  For a broader understanding of what we think about this news release, visit our BLOG page on the topic.

About Cuende Infometrics
Founded in 1991, CUENDE designs and develops advanced analytical systems in the area of marketing and advertising.  We provide clients with advanced information on essential factors with the aim of increasing their profits and reducing their risks.  Developing projects in 14 countries and Latin America, CUENDE is a pioneer in the use of satellite images to determine traffic metrics for entire markets simultaneously. We are a unique partner for OOH with Maxar, owner of the highest resolution commercial satellites and who also provides similar services to governments and intelligence agencies worldwide.

About Orange
Orange is a publicly traded worldwide mobile phone service provider operating in 26 countries with over 298 million customers with over 44 billion Euros in annual revenue.  Orange is one of the top four leading providers in Spain.