Testimonials are our life blood.

Over a Decade of Satisfying Industry Needs 

Whether your perspective is from the buy side or sell side, the IBO team has provided results for well over a decade.  As we’ve grown along the way, our footprint has allowed us to benefit from the economies of scale and access to markets, benefiting agencies, brands and media owners with a common vision…..make things FAST and EASY, nationwide.

“Quick, Easy, Profitable”

“The IBO speedway has put us in a position to compete for national advertising campaigns that we otherwise as a small operator would never have a shot at. The process is easy, quick and most importantly…profitable!”

-John Bryant, GM
Triad Outdoor Advertising

“Simply works”

“StreetMediaGroup has benefited tremendously from the IBO Speedway, we are seeing our buys in the Denver market continue to grow. I’m a huge believer in Independent Operators like ourselves combining assets to provide buyers with the required scale to deliver successful campaigns. This program is working and driving our national revenue to new heights, whether it’s for billboards, digital billboards or our transit inventory the IBO Speedway simply works!”

-Troy Hammond, COO
Street Media Group

“Easy, One Stop”

“For MH Outdoor Media becoming an active IBO associate and participation in the Speedway was a simple concept. The ability to be independent yet join together with multiple companies throughout the country to provide an easy, one stop, buying opportunity places us in a different competitive arena than we would be on our own. The IBO team also adds an additional layer of market exposure and support for its members that I am very thankful to have access to.”

-Marshall Henderson
MH Outdoor Media

“Big Time Saver”

“The IBO Speedway has been a blessing to our company. We are able to easily submit our inventory without filling out spreadsheets. It has been a big time saver for national buys! Thanks to our partnership with IBO Speedway, we have received lots of business!”

-Shanna Jones
Choice Media