OUR TAKE: Why TomTom + Spotzi Matters

2024-07-09 | Privacy issues will impact advertising campaigns and OOH stands to benefit

By Chris Cowlbeck.  Spotzi recently announced a global partnership with TomTom who has been in the GPS arena for a couple of decades, starting in the Netherlands.  Spotzi is native to Netherlands and operates in about 30 countries and now the USA with IBO Speedway as its first customer.  Check out this name that some may have heard of from years past in Wikipedia TomTom

Spotzi is providing Speedway subscribers with a Letterman style Top 10 list of most important consumer insights for each of our locations that can be used for local sales efforts and less so in the planning phase that most data services are geared.  Granted, Spotzi can certainly do those things, but was will to listen to how a small media owner might need data.  And how the data is mined is where the nuances come in.

The importance of TomTom is that they provide the equipment and software provided to the automotive industry, for all the GPS data the cars generate.  These systems can not be turned off for safety and security reasons, and as such provide a rich source of data that Spotzi has tested with their products.  This has global reach and adds a stability factor that is important for all users of the data.

As privacy issues become more mainstream, resources like TomTom stand to assist in keeping the data that drives our success the most relevant out there.

Check out the news story here.  TomTom New Spotzi Data Provider