USE CASE:  What Are PerView Impressions?

2024-05-12 | As independents embrace affordable measurement metrics, questions arise and answers are needed.

UPDATE:  2024-06-13 | Lafe has now added ANOTHER 4 buys using his PerView one sheet below…..

Lafe Schneider of TDO Advertising in Toldeo OH has been an early adopter of the IBO Speedway and the roll out of PerView Opportunity To See (OTS) impressions, which are helping the industry align with the way that digital advertising is being purchased by agencies and brands. 

Lafe asked for a layman’s overview that explained exactly how to answer the questions and the IBO USA admin team and Place Exchange quickly drafted an overview one sheet PDF. 

Lafe was elated with the results in just the first week!   He landed 3 for 3 pitches for contracts worth $79K and paid for his data for years to come!!!  His local agencies where more than satisfied with the answer and loved the fact that they now had a resource for 28-day changing metrics, exactly what their clients are tracking in all kinds of other digital mediums.  

Click here for the USE CASE PDF
Click here for the PerView Overview Lafe Used