2024-05-30.  Madrid Spain NEWS STORY

This news story represents a terrific validation for the forward insight we have had in bringing the MetricOOH product to augment our PerView impressions.  The MetricOOH product uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence with machine learning to establish a score and a traffic penetration index that compares subscribed locations to the others in the market.  It’s highly technical and they are seeking Media Rating Council accreditation as of the date of this posting.

The nuance of the story is that Orange is a large worldwide mobile phone carrier that has teamed up in Spain (Cuende’s home country) to combine their on-the-ground analytics along with their impressions analytics.  In our country, we will use the MetricOOH data along with our PerView impressions to create a novel way for us as independents to provide a really strong data set for each of our locations to drive revenues to our members.

We are also aligning with some automated processes and buying channels that will require impressions and scoring in order to encourage brands to move budget from online to our real world locations, which can boost their online attribution.

See our news story linked above for more information about the companies.