USE CASE:  Roping a Winner with Impressions

2024-05-12 | Identifying hidden jewels in your inventory

Becky Smith of LOOK Billboards in Ardmore OK found a blessing and a curse in selling a digital package to a local advertiser.  While they did well with the digital network rotation, they really loaded up on impressions in an online manner.  That caused Becky to too look deeply into the inventory for some things that might not have been apparent.

She was able to identify an unusual number of impressions in a location that locals might not have fancied, and in doing so, then determined the consumer insights for the location, in this case a western venue that had several events weekly, all year round.  The number of out-of-town impressions was significant and were exactly the target for the advertiser Jimmy’s Western Wear.

Score!  Becky landed an additional annual perm for a location that was rarely if ever sold and the proceeds from the one sale paid for three years worth of data for the entire plant.  This was certainly a way to make an impression on the client and the bottom line, all while roping a winner.

CASE STUDY – Roping a Winner with Impressions